Technology & Human Resources

We have spared no expense to preserve the purity and authenticity of our products and their distinctive aroma, flavour and quality – especially feta, the quintessential Greek cheese:

  • With a selected team of scientists who monitor every aspect of the cheese-making process, ensuring the implementation of total quality control from the raw material to the finished product.
  • Providing ongoing education for all employees in order to keep abreast of all advances in the cheese-making industry.
  • Investing in research and development on an ongoing basis.
  • Cooperating exclusively with milk suppliers who share our philosophy and who abide by our practices and standards.

Traditional techniques of feta production coexist alongside first-rate equipment, modern hygiene specifications and the family’s devotion to the production of top quality products. Thanks to latest and updated technologies and contemporary food safety systems, not only are we able to produce the same traditional, authentic Greek cheese products of premium quality that our ancestors used to make, but we are able to enhance the quality and extend the shelf-life of our products.