The dairy is proud for adopting the principles of organic production from the very first steps of the organic farming in Greece. Nowadays organic production is rapidly gaining wide popularity as people become more conscious of the means by which their food is produced. Dairy’s organic products are made with the same care and attention to detail as the conventional ones. The milk producers are thoroughly vetted prior to selection and are certified organic. The dairy itself plays a more substantial role than just receiving the milk by being involved in all aspects of animal care. Attention is paid to the animal feed, nutritional requirements and veterinary practices. The scientific personnel of the factory continually strive to keep abreast of any new developments in the organic field, and these are immediately conveyed to the milk producers.
Roussas White Cow Milk

Barrel aged feta

In the past decades, when there were no packing means other than natural raw material, like wood, feta cheese was traditionally matured and traded in wooden barrels similar to wine barrels. This tradition, although very old, is still living today and there are just a few families in a small village in northern Greece that have adopted the tradition of producing beech barrels for feta.

The dairy is the leader exporter of feta that matures in such wooden barrels. After its maturation the cheese is portioned, packed and exported to reach every lover of authentic feta around the world. Consumers can find our barrel aged feta on the distinguished shelves for premium quality p.d.o. cheeses from all over the world at the special cheese corners of retail shops.


New products

A part of the company’s resources is always dedicated to the research and development of new products as well as to the improvement of the existing ones. Along with the traditional and p.d.o. cheeses, a wide range of new products and product variations have been recently developed offering to the customers the opportunity not only to taste new flavours but also participate in the product development with their own ideas.

Taste our latest entry, Roussas spread with Feta and Yogurt.